Think with your head, not your heart.

I came across this picture on Pinterest, and thought it made so much sense.

Sometimes – more often than not – it’s not the need we have that fuels our actions, it’s the ‘want’. We ‘want’ someone or something so bad that we no longer think straight. We over-think, and ignore our own self-esteem, and the other important as well as the miniscule things that have shaped us to what we are today. We reject out of hand our own thoughts and an emotion, as it is theirs’ that matter to us the most. We stop being ourselves. We stop doing the things that WE love doing, in the first place. We try to go to any possible length, even if it’s a little beyond our reach, to make sure we get that somebody, no matter what the odds. To an extent, we even forget what our own dreams and passions were, as they become the centre of our lives. It’s like they are the sun, and we are all the planets, put together, revolving around them. That’s the power of love, yes. But when love turns into an obsession, it could break lives, especially you’re the one facing rejection from the person you love the most, or rather who you are obsessing about. Being obsessed about someone, even when we are very well aware that the person may not be the one for us, overriding all the signs and most importantly our own instincts, can only lead to harm, not good. It takes a toll on our lives, leaving us completely shattered. It can break our hearts into a million pieces, and we never get to know the reason why we are going through all of the pain, and why the other person might be rejecting us. We can only assume that their priorities might be different, but how many times do we actually get to know the real reason for us being shunned upon.

And the funny part is, amidst all of this, we never know when we changed ourselves to become something we never were, when we became so obsessed about that person, when we lost ourselves. And when reality hits us, it hits us hard. We realize we were viewing the world through rose-tinted glasses. We realize it was all just a chimera. We realize it was just not worth it. It takes time, a LOT of time and a lot tears and other inexplicable emotions and actions to get back to what we were before. To realize it was just an illusion, just in our minds. It takes a lot of courage and resilience on our parts to pick up all the pieces of our broken hearts and bounce back and reclaim our lives. Whoever said, moving on was easy. It’s not, but we come to a point where we have to move on to keep ourselves happy. And in the process, we get to learn so much. The biggest lesson being, we have the power to put ourselves out there and love someone to such an extent, and that we can 'feel' love, in its fullest.

Whenever such a situation arises, the best thing to do is ask your own heart and head for help. Allow your heart to feel the feeling in its entirety. Let all the feelings and emotions flow through your soul completely, in full force. Let it engulf you. Listen to whatever your heart says although it might confuse you, and cloud your judgement, but that’s the work of the heart – to feel. But somewhere, in between all this, your heart always knows what is right, and what is not. Gut-feeling, or instinct, you may call it. Give a patient ear to it. And then, make sure your head – your mind, rather – does the decision-making for you. Life becomes so much simpler that way. Because the heart is meant to feel, and the head is meant to think. Not the other way around.

Cheers to Life!


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