Meeting Preeti Shenoy - Book launch event for 'It Happens for a Reason'!

Whoever said the 13th denotes bad luck must have been so deranged in the head that he/she failed to differentiate between the good and the bad kind of luck, or probably didn't know what to make of the concept ‘luck’. Or maybe, it’s just me. OR the fact that I don’t attribute things for luck and consider, ‘It happens for a reason’!

From L-R: Me(Dhriti), Preeti Shenoy, Mansi Bhatia( a friend of mine). *Yes, I look short, I know! :P but that's okay!*

Cutting to the chase, this actually happened. Yes, I finally – after say, ages of thinking and planning for the same – met Preeti Shenoy LIVE, at her ‘It Happens for a Reason’ book launch event in the Royal Orchid Hotel, Bangalore on the 13th of December, 2014! 13th isn’t so bad after all, you see. Or was it because it wasn't a Friday?! I guess, Friday or not, it really wouldn't matter, as the ‘good’ things that have happened with me in my life have been on the 13th of some month and some year, most often than not.

Back to the event, have I ever seen a celebrity this down-to-earth? No. Never! In fact, I haven’t seen ordinary people this grounded. Not to forget, she’s extremely sweet (the smile says it all), genuine and I admire her all the more for her spontaneity and the ability to answer on her feet, even to those things she has a strong opinion on. Also, the way she carries herself is absolutely stunning. Not to mention, she’s so fit, she can give 23 or 24 year olds a run for their money! ;) Not to forget, her immaculate sense of observation, she knew where the back cover of my phone was from. Seriously. How amazing is that?

Since I was there, I was so desperate to get a copy of ‘It happens for a reason’ signed by her. But what happened has me still shell-shocked. I asked her normally if she could sign a copy of the book for me and she asked me my name (and now I have a copy signed by her, along with my name! *evil grin*). “I’m Dhriti,” I said, obviously. And she responded with a question, “Dhriti Govindraj?” And there I was, baffled. I nodded, but that one question made me feel so important, like I was “recognized.” It had my heart in my mouth. Addressing a person by their full name definitely makes a whole lot of difference, always. 

Now, that it’s done I am inspired, motivated and willing to chase my dreams, as hard as it might be, get fitter than ever before and most importantly be true to myself, no matter what the circumstance. 

I’m still overwhelmed and over-excited and in mode ‘disbelief’ as I type all of this out, as it was too good to be true. I can put it as an “experience” well worth it! And Preeti Shenoy, I can say is a gem, an exquisite. And I’m so glad that I actually attended the event!

Lots of love,


PS:- The book was a an amazing read too. I shall do a book review soon. :D