Well, hello 2015. And bye bye 2014. :)

Is it just me or has the year, has 2014 gone by in a blink of an eye?! No, seriously WHERE. DID. 2014. GO??? (now now, no missing 2014 posters.. because 2015 is almost here.. in less than an hour!!) :D :D

One question I've been asked about and have been thinking about as well was, "How was my 2014?!"
In one sentence,summing up the entire 365 days of 2014 I can say, "It was a year of many firsts!!" But also, a year that involved a lot of learning for me and has made grow in ways I never thought I could, a few years back.I can say, I have learnt a lot myself as well, in the process. And I'm extremely happy about it, no doubt.
Although the downside has been that, the year for me in terms of 'blogging' hasn't been very good. But I shall hope 2015 will be better. Actually, I will try to make it better. :) (reality perspective thrown in!)

So, after all the rambling, here's me reviewing 2014, in terms of 'myself' and all of my 'firsts'. :)

1. I met Preeti Shenoy, the one Indian author I truly adore and always draw inspiration from. :) :) :)
2. My first job. :) (Part-time, but a job nevertheless.)
3. My first convocation ceremony. (yes, it made me feel very proud of myself. :P)
4. Post-graduation!! :)
5. The best birthday I've ever had. (The cake, sprite, toothpaste, talcum powder and the very many disgusting things in my hair, also counts as 'awesome'. :P :D)
6. My trip to Mumbai, alone. (Yes, I didn't blog about it, but it was THE BEST experience for me!!)
7. The blind date. ( I have no words for this. :D)
8. And I even took up my MPhil course, although I thought I was done studying. :P

And apart from all of those things, I've learnt one very important thing "Take stock of not just things, but people as well." And I've been doing just that, and it feels VERY GOOD. Some people who emit negative vibes or make you feel down and out, are not worth being your friends. It's best to let go of such people. Trust me, it makes you feel light, happy and at peace. Also, I have learnt that not all the things that you WANT in life, you can actually get.. and that's okay! :) There's a reason behind everything that happens in life, and it all happens for the good. :)

Looking back, 2014 has been one of the BEST years I've had, in a very long time. :)

With that, I'm off.

Lots of love.

PS:- Fireworks outside are kind of playing evil here, almost marring my level of audibility. :P
PPS:- 11 more minutes to go and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! :D :D